Former METC Customer FAQ

Marne Elk Horn sells Wireless Internet division to NISHNANET

Marne Elk Horn, headquartered in Elk Horn, IA has agreed to sell a division which provides fixed wireless Internet to customers in and around the Atlantic and rural Exira areas to NISHNANET, LLC, a wireless Internet company based in Atlantic, IA, according to Janell Hansen, Marne Elk Horn’s CEO. The effective date of the sale is September 20, 2019.

“This area of our business came to life about 18 years ago, when customers in and around Atlantic and Exira, needed, but could not get, faster Internet service. Since other options weren’t available, we stepped up to serve the customers in need,” said Hansen. “Technology and competitors have evolved and changed since then, and it’s time for us to exit this area of our business. This change should benefit customers who will be able to get faster wireless Internet from NISHNANET, and still be served by another local company.”

Hansen continued, “This will allow NISHNANET to grow and allow Marne Elk Horn to focus all of our staff attention on our fiber projects and other service areas of our business.”

NISHNANET, LLC operates Wireless and Fiber Optic networks in Cass and Audubon county Iowa.  The wireless network covers approximately 300 square miles delivering speeds between 25-100 megabits per second to rural businesses and homes; in downtown Atlantic speeds up to 10 gigabits per second are available via the company’s fiber optic network.  NISHNANET also offers Information Technology services via a Managed Services Platform for small to medium sized businesses.

“We are excited to extend our high speed network to cover rural Exira while improving connectivity for former METC wireless customers in both Cass and Audubon counties,” said Scott Bennett, NISHNANET President.  “This transaction allows both of our companies to focus on what they do best and provide the connectivity for our communities to prosper and grow.”  NISHNANET has been a part of the Atlantic business community since 2017 and donated over $10,000 in goods and services to local nonprofits and local economic development efforts in 2018.  “We are proud to be part of this community and pleased to give back by supporting continued local business development.”

More information is available at or by contacting NISHNANET at 712-243-2497 or stopping by their office at 2 East 6th Street in Atlantic.

METC Customer FAQ

We will not.  Our expertise is in getting Internet where people say it’s impossible to get to at a reasonable cost.   Since most towns are already “wired” with high speed access and our wireless signals are not too fond of trees we would prefer to be the best at what we do… rural access.

In Atlantic we already have a Wireless network and in places a Fiber Optics which we will continue to serve METC customers there.

YES!  We are working closely with METC and your service will continue as normal until we upgrade the equipment on their towers and your Home, Farm or Business.  We will give you advance notice before we make any changes.  As long as you continue service with us you can continue to keep your email address.

We have a GREAT working relationship with METC and we both want to make sure your service works even better after this transition.  Don’t be afraid to contact us with any questions 712-243-2497

Your next billing after 9/20/2019 will come from NISHNANET.    You can access your online account here.  Until you switch to one of our plans your pricing will remain the same.  We do have a online billing and automated payments.  You can pay your bill in Online, by mail, or in person at our office in downtown Atlantic 2 e 6th St.   Your username is your email address, if you do not have the password simply click “forgot password” and one will be emailed to you.

NISHNANET is now your point of contact for everything related to your Internet service.  Call our office at 712-243-2497 or stop by.  You can also email us.

Give us a call at 712-243-2497 and in many places we can upgrade you right away.   Since we are typically not charging an upgrade fee we will be scheduling areas for the upgrade in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Until your service is upgraded there will be no change in price.   After the upgrade you will need to select one of our plans.

Customers currently on “faster” METC plans will see our prices are less for more speed.
Customers on slower METC plans will see a slight increase depending on the plan they choose.
98% of our current customers are on our $75/mo plan which provides UNLIMITED High Speed access, plenty to use with services such as Netflix, Hulu and Sling.

Unfortunately you can not.

Most of the METC wireless network equipment is no longer supported by the vendors who sold it, the vendor is no longer in business or the Federal Communications Commission has canceled the license to operate the equipment after early next year.  (They are re-purposing it for a different solution)

Our plans may cost a little more however you are getting connected to a state-of-the-art network which will serve you for years to come.  On the lowest plans our speeds are 25 times faster and on the higher plans they are 5 to 10 times faster at approximately the same cost.

Depending on the area you may need to change your static IP address.   We can work with your IT team or provider to make this as painless as possible.

You Bet!

I think this is what our team is most excited about!  When we started discussions on this serving rural Exira was on the top of our list.  We absolutely love what we do… enabling kids to do their homework, getting businesses connected with the speeds they need to be successful.  In 2018 we donated over $10,000 in free services, equipment and cash to local nonprofit organizations and we look forward to serving rural Exira and “The Valley”.  We are absolutely PRO GROWTH for our communities and we can’t wait to do the 4th of July parade!