Grow Atlantic Program

We are very proud to offer services in the Downtown Commercial area which allow businesses to connect to the Internet at fiber like speeds.

Large Internet providers seem to think Small Business can live with small Internet connections… unless you want to pay large business prices.
We know the faster you can do your work, the more success you will find!

  • Small Businesses connect to the network for just $99/mo without a contract.
  • Speeds are up to 500 mbps.
  • New Small Businesses which open in this area are offered 1 year of free Internet service, Basic IT services, Backups and Security software*
  • We are are just a short walk away if you need help!

*1 Year of free service provided to new small businesses in Atlantic with at least 1 Full Time Employee.  Must own the building or provide a 1 year lease.  Must have at least 30 business hours per week.  Must be in range of our Downtown network.  Other restrictions may apply.