General Internet FAQ


Who is the service provider?
NISHNANET, LLC based in Atlantic.

How much does the service cost?
Packages start at $55/mo.  We anticipate most families will want our $75/mo plan which will support multiple Netflix streams and online gaming without lag.

How do I sign up for service?
Just complete this form.

XYZ Company says they can bring me service or give me a great rate if I sign a contract today.  Should I do that now?
Companies have you sign contracts to lock you into a rate when they know competitor prices will go down and service levels will go up this way you can’t leave.
It’s sneaky and something we will NEVER do.  The only time we will ask for a contract is for extraordinary costs to install and we will give you the option to pay up front if this is the case.
In fact we would prefer you do.  We are not in the equipment finance business, we deliver economical high speed internet service that works!

Unless you have an extraordinary expense for a company to provide you service never sign a contract!  If they want your business they will simply let you subscribe!

How can you do this when nobody else can?
We have spent the two years working with Fiber Optic providers, utilities, business leaders, farmers, families you name it to get this done LOCALLY.
Internet is delivered to us via Fiber Optics. We transmit the signal to you using next generation fixed wireless signals.  This technology is years ahead of anything used in Cass or Audubon County before.

Do you have a referral bonus?
Of course we do, $25 in Atlantic Cash for every new customer who indicates you referred them after their 3rd month of service!  (They must mention this when they sign up!)

What is the data limit of what we can use?
This is a community focused broadband system, we don’t technically have limits however we have an “Acceptable Use Policy” we expect everyone to play fairly on the network.  There are no overages however we may need to have a discussion about changing plans if your usage patterns are not typical of the average user on the same plan.

How long is the contract?
Typically there are NO CONTRACTS.  Our standard install charge is $99.  If there are extraordinary install costs you can elect to pay those up front or do a contract to pay them down.

What equipment do I need to purchase?
In most cases NONE.  We will provide the basic radio for the side of your home or business and in some cases a basic WiFi router.  If you want to upgrade to something better there may be an additional charge, for example you want to cover a extra barn or garage on your property or you live in a home larger than 1500sqft.  We can do that!

Why are you not providing service to homes in Atlantic or Exira?
We are working hard to get to people who can’t receive ANY reasonable broadband service.   We are focusing on those areas.

Will you ever service Atlantic proper?
Never say never however our technology is not too fond of trees and hills… and well Atlantic has lots of trees and hills. 🙂  We have a solution but it’s not our focus.  If you are having issues with your current provider give us a call, we can help get them fixed even if you can’t receive our Broadband service.

One of my neighbors has your service, can I get your service?
The odds are yes. The way we are building and designing our network is unique.

I live in an area served by XYZ telephone company and I want your service, why don’t you offer service here?
Your local telephone company has made (or is in the process of) making a significant investment to provide Fiber Optics to your door.  You have (or soon will have) service our target customers can only dream about.  We can’t win a price war, we are not going to start one.  Instead we will focus on providing the best service we can to the customers who can’t receive any.
If you can get a reasonable speed for a reasonable price from your local provider please give them a call!