Our Services

Managed Networks

For a low monthly fee we take care of the housekeeping on all of the critical components of your network.

  • Keeping your basic applications up to date with the latest patches such as Windows, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat.
  • Monitoring and keeping your Antivirus up to date.
  • Proactive monitoring of the health of your systems and Internet connection.
  • Remote Backup and Hosting available.

A great value when you want to be ahead of the problems and not deal with them as they come up.  We are at your side with quarterly education for your staff such as avoiding email scams, proper password security and email etiquette.

Telephone Systems

Traditionally what would be a “Telephone System” today is part of Unified Communications.  We can help your business bring it all together.

  • Voicemail to every employee.
  • Add cell phones like internal extensions.
  • Receive Voicemail in email.
  • Call Management.
  • Multiple locations under one system, reduce long distance.
  • Complete 4 phone systems from $999.99

We have over 20 years experience with what is now the latest in VOIP telephone technology.  Our system is the most economical in the market and our process of matching it’s features to your business needs will exceed your expectations.  We REALLY like our system however have experience on over a dozen models including Toshiba, Mitel, Intertel, Nortel and others. Give us a call we can bring AWESOME to your telephones.

Internet & Wireless Access

Although we don’t provide Internet Access we can help you make the best of a bad situation.  Our rural areas are rather challenged when it comes to choosing a provider, we can help make it work.

  • Let us be your first call, we will manage everything to get things working as they should.  Outside a billing question we can manage everything.
  • We have your provider on speed dial.  We have worked with every Internet provider in the area, we can talk the language to track the problem and get it fixed.
  • We can offer additional technologies which can aid making slow connections work faster on important tasks.  Call us to find out how!
  • We have MASTERED the art of WiFi, we can make it work!

We understand you have a business to run not play games with technical support. Let us be your guy who knows someone.

Business Grade Security

10 years ago computer security was an after thought. You can’t read the news today without reading about the latest hacking online.  A hack against your small business could be devastating to not only yourself but your customers too.

  • The best tool for computer security is an educated employee.  We can provide education via our quarterly lunch and learn sessions to keep you defended instead of defeated.
  • Using a number of tools we can help keep the accidental email or website click from ruining your day or your business.
  • Sign up for our “Internet Watch” email list, even if you are not a customer we will keep you in the know of what we are seeing happen locally and around the world.

It’s easy to think “why would someone ever hack me?”  Don’t take it personal it’s not.  Hackers try to hack EVERYONE and only those willing to let it happen are the victims.  When Target was hacked a couple of years ago the hackers really hacked the Heating & Air contractor who worked with Target.  Let us help to make sure that’s not you.